Reliable hangover cure (really): Forgiven alcohol recovery shot

They call it an alcohol recovery shot but I call it a hangover miracle: Forgiven.

The good news is that post-bacchanalia head fuzz and pain might be a problem of the past. A blend of vitamins, herbs and amino acids, Forgiven is a two-ounce post-hangover solution. To test its efficacy, I played the dubious lab rat and downed the liquid the morning after a night of… ahem… extreme fun. I felt significant relief literally within two hours. Some of the listed ingredients are an alphabet brew of B vitamins, zinc and sodium, all found on the plate of Eggs Benedict and in a glass of virgin V8 — my former cure which took six hours to kick in. Added bonus: Forgiven only has 44 calories and no caffeine.

Forgiven works by helping the body process alcohol more rapidly, converting acetaldehyde — a byproduct of alcohol metabolism —  into acetic acid, which helps “burn” the alcohol. Read how it works here.

Available at places you’d buy beer plus a few others: 7-Eleven, Circle K, CVS as well as GNC and Duane Reade or direct on the Forgiven website.

The best flavor is Tropical Punch for my taste. Orange Dream was pretty nasty but haven’t tried the Grape yet. Let me know your thoughts on that one. $2.99 per shot. [UPDATE: Tried my last sample, Grape (pictured) and once you get back the stomach-churning smell of it, it tastes OK. Best is still Tropical Punch.]

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