Win a trip to Italy: Zonin Prosecco photo contest

zoninproseccoA picture could be worth a trip to Italy. Zonin, an Italian wine importer and producer, is sponsoring a photo contest called “Zonin Prosecco in Your Life”  and you and a guest could win a week-long trip to Italy. (My review of Zonin Prosecco here)

It goes like this: Take some creative and “playful” pictures of Zonin Prosecco with you, your stuff, your house, your whatever. (Warning to the freaky folks: I imagine nudity is frowned upon.) Submit up to three pictures per day. Here are the details for entry. Three winning photos will have a chance to be featured in a national Zonin Prosecco ad campaign. Yes, published creds. Not a bad perq.

Additionally, each week, they draw winners for the Zonin Prosecco “Happy Hour Package,” which doles out free flutes, an apron, wine opener, wine stopper, and a Zonin cookbook. Many are posted on the Zonin Prosecco Facebook page. Take a look and get some ideas.

The deadline for entry isn’t clear (website says December 20th and web PDF says March 2011) but they stated that on December 20th, they will announce the three grand prize winners. From those three, they will choose the trip winner.

The full rules are here. Good luck!

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