Awesomely affordable dark chocolate: Endangered Species

affordable dark chocolate

I do eat my share of dark chocolate… not mounds of it at one sitting like a PMS’ed fiend, but a a few squares of rich, dark chocolate beautifully strokes my occasional sweet tooth. So I’m particular about what enters this mouth – it better be amazing. And, given that my fix is needed, ahem, almost everyday, it should be affordable dark chocolate. I spent easily hundreds of dollars – and about two years of effort – to find the best dark heaven deal and uncovered it, not at some gourmet, hoity-toity place (bless the people at Tcho, NOKA and Vosges) but at grocery stores.

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6 insights into how I lost weight this year

Vegetables and fruit is how I lost weight

Last January, I started my path to healing food allergies by strengthening my gut. Although how I lost weight was at first a mystery, it presented a fortuitous side effect to the food allergy cure. I’ve lost 11 pounds and counting, one jean size (going on two) and when I’ve strayed on vacation, once I get back to reality, my body settles right back into my normal lower weight equilibrium within a week. 11 pounds might not sound like a lot but I’m 5’2” and started at 124. A little goes a long way on my small frame. Now, I look in the mirror and say, “Hey, I’d do me.”

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Cold weather Cabernet: 2012 Honig Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

Honig Cabernet Sauvignon

For me, Cab Sauv isn’t a sipping wine. Not made for the patio or the party, but more for the dinner party. Its hefty tannins and deep, dark flavors are a challenge to my palate without the fattiness of food to protect it. But a well-made Cab begs to be recognized as such – celebrated for having achieved a balance of acid and tannins, fruit and oak, and an elegance worthy of any meal. Honig Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley makes this cut.

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Unique Christmas gift ideas for wine and food lovers

Gifts for food and wine lovers

So the cupboard of your wine and food family and friends are already stuffed to the ceiling with glasses, random gadgets, and other sometimes-drawer-filling items. Maybe you seek something a little out of the ordinary yet perhaps a little useful for your friends and family? Check these unique wine and food lover gift ideas:

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California Lifestyle: New job, the drought and the miracle of Stitchfix

Gun Bun First Week

Like everyone who lives far from where they grew up, I connect often with people where I used to live – Florida and the east coast. While my friends and family in Tampa struggle with floods and hurricanes, my husband and I endure the drought-ridden California land (not to mention earthquakes). Having moved from a state flush with water, it’s been an adjustment to restrict water usage. But adjust we have. We catch water in the shower while it heats up, planted drought-tolerant plants in our front and back yards, and adopted the “if it’s yellow, let it mellow” in the toilet mantra. This last one has been, to say the least, not fun but if it gets us where we need to be, I’m cool with that.

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Thanksgiving wine tips and recipes

Turkey and Wine

It’s turkey time again and let the wine buying begin. Wine enhances any meal, but especially this one. Sharing a bottle, sharing memories and sharing stories about the year that just passed are always better over a glass of vino. Since everyone’s table looks different across the country, I’ve always preached that people should just drink what they like during The Big Meal. But, should you want some guidance, here are a few Thanksgiving wine tips as well as recipes to get you started.

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Seared Cuban style ahi tuna recipe

Cuban-style ahi tuna

With my Florida roots, I love all things Cuban. The Cuban culture has firmly ensconced itself into the roots of Florida cooking and I’m there to welcome it with open arms. And mouth. The uniqueness comes from their slow-cooked dishes like Ropa Vieja, roasted pork rubbed with warm, aromatic spices and the pervasive use of their bountiful citrus in Mojo dishes. This Cuban style ahi tuna recipe reflects the best of what the cuisine offers — lime, garlic and cumin. Serve it with a crisp Pinot Gris, medium-bodied Pinot Noir, Italian Chianti or a hoppy IPA.

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Stuff you should eat: Nuts, eggs, and the produce rainbow

Mixed Nuts

I get whiplash from all the health studies that are released… one week you can eat this and the next, oh, hell, no. It’s tough to figure out the stuff you should eat. Now, I take everything with a grain of salt, and learn for myself. Take the low fat diet. For years, I swallowed that line of BS but once I started getting educated, I learned that one obnoxious, egotistical dude in the 60’s was behind the entire low fat theory. Hammered hard for 40 years, now 50%+ Americans are obese. Go figure. Things are starting to slowly change, since the paleo diet has taken hold and people are… gasp… losing weight. Paleo isn’t for everyone — I espouse many of the tenets, but not all — but there are plenty of takeaways that are tried and true (and tested).

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Best wines I tasted at 2015 Taste of Sonoma

Behold a photo gallery of fave wines from my afternoon spent at the 2015 Taste of Sonoma, part of the Sonoma Wine Country Weekend. A storied and epic wine event hosted by MacMurray Ranch in the heart of Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley, it’s impossible to try all the wines poured. Most of these recommended wines hail from the Russian River Valley or Sonoma Valley tents where I spent the bulk of my time exploring. And explore I did! Found a few new wineries (or, at least, new to me) that are killing it: Attune Wines, Canihan Wines, Talisman Wines and Viluko Vineyards. And reminisced with old flames like Inman Family Wines, Three Sticks Wines and Dunstan Wines. These boutique bottles won’t be at a store down the street, but on a website near your mouse or finger. Taste of Sonoma is by far the premier tasting festival of the season and is very well organized. If you haven’t had the pleasure, put it on your bucket list.

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Refreshing gin cocktail recipe: Sonoma Sweet Tart

Gin Cocktail Recipe Sonoma Sweet Tart

Things get interesting when you’re sitting around our Sonoma County kitchen with a friend from Tampa… who is into concocting fantastical cocktails. Like this Hendrick’s gin cocktail recipe… perfect for lounging about, playing cards or sharing laughs on the patio. Recipe courtesy of Rishi Ramkissoon.

Sonoma Sweet Tart


1 ounce Hendrick’s gin 4 muddled blackberries (or any

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