Coupon: Total Wine and More $5 off

I caught hell from a few folks the last time I posted a Total Wine coupon. Phrases like “Category Killer” and “Evil Chain” flew off my screen and burned my eyes.  But you must admit, they do have some really good prices. Just go with some wines brands in mind. Coupon good in NJ, VA, SC, FL and NV.

More proof of validity of this coupon. A reader, Stan, did some investigating at a Total Wine in New Jersey and spoke to a store manager about their coupon policies. Stan’s report:  “Any Total Wine store should accept any coupon… [the store manager] walked me to checkout and told cashier to accept 15% off coupon that said valid in Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina.” This should work on this coupon as well.

Need ideas for wines? Check out these reds, whites and bubblies.

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See coupon.

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