Great cheese with beer: Uniekaas Reserve Gouda

Uniekaas Reserve Gouda

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Gouda may sound like humdrum cheese, but think again. This pure, concentrated cow’s milk cheese from Holland is cave aged 18 months to an elegant perfection. The color and texture kinda look like a hunk of cheddar you forgot in the back of the fridge, and the producers kinda did that, except in an intentional, professionally-controlled environment. What emerges after its cave experience is a hard orange cheese with salty butterscotch, roasted nuttiness and crystallized crunchy bits of salt that melt into a creamy, meatiness on the tongue.

It’s these rich, flavorful elements that make this cheese pair beautifully with nutty, malty brown ales like Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale or Brooklyn Brown Ale.

$16.99 at Whole Foods Market

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