Wine review: Martini Prosecco DOC

martini proseccoGreat wine for Thanksgiving! Prosecco, the name of a perfumey grape as well as a lightly fizzy, refreshing sparkling wine from Italy, can be absolutely beautiful but also complete crap. Shopping by name or specific region is imperative and Martini and Rossi is always consistent (you might have heard of their sweet Asti Spumante? Not the same thing). For Prosecco, the bubbles are introduced using the Charmat method instead of Méthode Champenoise, defined by pumping the wine into a huge, industrial tank, adding additional yeast and sugar to start a second fermentation (creating the bubbles) and sealing it to keep in the carbon dioxide. Yes, it sounds a bit unromantic, but it allows Prosecco to cost less so we can guzzle them with abandon. The best Prosecco grapes are grown in the Veneto in northeastern Italy, where the Martini and Rossi Prosecco originates.

Like many Proseccos, the Martini and Rossi is fairly simple, slightly fizzy, dry, fragrant and delicate with lemon and green apple flavors. Zesty acidity makes it great with food. But it also has a minerality you don’t find in others and an herby finish like chamomile. Pretty nice.

Sweetness: 1 out of 10
Rating: 3 out of 5
Price: $14 – $16
Occasion: Sent a sample from the winery
Food pairing: Thanksgiving dinner, aperitif, with any cheese
Availability: At big box wine shops and high end grocery stores

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