A wine geek’s dream: Winemaps.org

(Last Updated On: 06/17/2010)

So you call yourself a wine geek, huh? You pore over the blogs and magazines, pride yourself on your knowledge of the grape and can proudly name single vineyards throughout California. But have you seen Winemaps.org? Part Google Map and part winery map, it’s an interactive guide to vineyards, wineries and even soil types in the Sonoma and Oregon wine countries. So you like Robert Young Vineyards Chardonnay? By poking around and drilling downwinemaps.org on the site, you’ll be able to see where the vineyard is located in Sonoma County, its topography (hillside, flat land?) and in which what AVA it’s located. I must admit, a 20 minutes flew by while playing on it… positively riveting (no tongue in cheek here, folks). But nerd is my middle name.

However, it’s not just a geeky tool… it could also help you plan a wine country vacation. Many roads on the North Coast are windy and hilly, so calculating driving times between wineries can be a challenge. This will alert you to the bounces and curves. And, if you do happen to have a favorite vineyard, you’ll find it there. Check it out: Winemaps.org.

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