Argentina’s Trapiche Winery hosts grill off competition

trapiche grill offEveryone needs 15 seconds of fame, especially the person stuck behind the grill all day. Now is your chance to show the world what you really got. Trapiche, one of the best selling malbecs on the market, has teamed up with Bon Appetit Magazine to launch a grill recipe and wine pairing competition.

Apparently, it doesn’t matter what you grill, the recipe just has to be tasty and yours. The first 100 qualified entrants will get a Trapiche apron and the winning recipe will be featured in Bon Appetit’s July issue. Recipes must be received by March 22nd and will be judged on the following criteria:

Creativity (60%), originality (30%), and product engagement (i.e. how the recipe pairs with Trapiche wines) (10%). See other rules.

Enter here. Good luck!

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