How to save money on movies, clothing and get the best deals

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Editor’s note: Matt Rutledge comes to from the School of Experience. He’s spent the last year figuring out how to save as much money as humanly possible and he actually agreed to share his hard-knocks knowledge with us.  In this economy, we need all the help we can get! I guarantee he’ll introduce you to new deals and discounts you haven’t thought of and if you have others to suggest, please share in the comments! This is his second post. Read the first, covering restaurants, CVS and Freecyle.

  • Want to rent movies for FREE or super cheap? First, start with your local library. Sign up for a free library card and suddenly you have access to tons of movies, gratis. Typically you can rent them for seven days, but be sure to return them on time as most libraries will charge a steep late fee as much as $1 per day, per movie. You’ll be surprised at how many new releases are available and you can also order other movies for free from any other library in their network. Second, check out Redbox and Blockbuster Express. Paying $5 to rent a movie at a Blockbuster store is so yesterday. You can rent any movie at a Redbox or Blockbuster Express for just $1 per night. But if you sign up on and, you’ll also get email alerts that provide codes for free movies. But wait, there’s more! You can enter your cell number and they’ll send a text with a free movie code every month. Word to the Wise: Also check out that gives additional free movie codes. You can also use a code more than once as long as you use a different debit or credit card each time. Also, to be sure your movie will be there, reserve your movie ahead of time online. Third, take advantage of free trials of and Typically the free trial is for 14 or 30 days. Sign up for their most expensive package so you can get the most movies during your free trial but be sure to cancel on time to avoid being charged. You can have more than one free trial as long as you use a different email address and credit or debit card each time.
  • Here’s the skinny on scoring good quality clothes for super cheap. My favorite place to get designer clothes at a great discount is Plato’s Closet. I buy tons of good brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle shirts, jeans and shorts, etc. for as little as $6 (or even less on a good day). They’re always having great sales and they even have a super discount rack which is even cheaper. They also will buy your gently used clothing and give you cash on the spot. Sign up on to get coupons that will save you even more.  Another great place to look is the discount racks of surplus merchandise at Wal Mart, Target and other retailers. Often they are not advertised so you may have to ask where it’s located. You’ll be surprised at what you can find.
  • And don’t turn your nose up at thrift stores. I’ve found good condition, name brand clothes at Goodwill and, needless to say, the price is unbeatable. Word to the Wise: Goodwill often has 20% off any one item coupons in various newspapers and other discount circulars so be on the lookout to save even more!
  • Want to take advantage of several different store’s sales but don’t feel like driving all around town? Save your gas and go to Wal Mart. Simply present the sales circular and Wal Mart will match any current advertised sale price as long as they sell that exact item. Don’t forget to use your manafacture coupons too. Word to the Wise: Wal Mart saves you money on groceries. Most items are at least a $1 cheaper per item when compared to prices at Publix, Sweetbay, Winn Dixie and Albertsons. Combine with a manufacture coupon and you can really save big.
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  • Jennie

    Salvation Army frequently does “half off” on Wednesdays.

    Thank you for the excellent suggestions!

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