Poll: What do you drink in the summer?

(Last Updated On: 06/02/2010)

Around this time of year, I find myself with a dwindling supply of white wine in the house. The heavy, mack daddy cabs and merlots tend to gather dust (and cat hair) while I’ll occasionally reach for a pinot noir (after I chill it down). Although intellectually and professionally, I feel compelled to buck my intrinsic desires and drink whatever is “appropriate”, chardonnay tastes pretty darn good with a grilled burger (I support bucking tradition). Beer could be something else to choose, of the lighter, wheat and pilsner varieties but that’s a whole other habit. So I wonder… what do other people drink when it starts to get hot and sticky outside?

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2 comments to Poll: What do you drink in the summer?

  • I love rose, Portuguese vinho verde, and a Radler (German) – pils and Fresca/Sprite mixed together – or a Shanty in England. Now THAT is refreshing and drinkable all day in the heat!

  • Taylor Eason

    Jessi: I used to drinks shantys ALL the time when I lived in Switzerland. I couldn’t agree more.

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