Save money on restaurants with online freebies, birthday coupons and more

money on toilet rollEditor’s note: Matt Rutledge comes to from the School of Experience. He’s spent the last year figuring out how to save as much money as humanly possible and he actually agreed to share his hard-knocks knowledge with us.  In this economy, we need all the help we can get! Guarantee he’ll introduce you to new deals and discounts you haven’t thought of and if you have others to suggest, please share in the comments!

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  • Ever wondered if you have unclaimed property out there somewhere? Then you should do a free search on (for Florida) or It searches everything from uncashed paychecks to stocks and mutual funds. The site is very simple to use and you never know what might turn up. A friend of mine recently used and found a uncashed paycheck from over ten years ago. Talk about a pleasant surprise!
  • A great program I wanted to share with my readers in the Tampa Bay area is especially for those of you who are struggling with transportation issues. This non-profit organization offers a wide range of solutions from car repair to actually replacing your car completely. It can be a great help since we are all watching our pennies. Please note: You have to be working at least 32 hours a week or have a verifiable job offer to qualify. Assistance depends on income and other factors. Check out the site or call 813-490-9443 for more information.
  • OK so your birthday is coming up and you want to get as many freebies as possible right? Here are my favorite two websites for the most accurate and extensive list of Birthday Freebies: and Be sure to sign up for the offers way in advance to make sure you get all the goodies. Word To The Wise: Some birthday coupons have codes that can only be used once while others can be used multiple times. Read all the terms and conditions carefully to avoid any party poopers.
  • Here is a great Subway deal that I couldn’t resist sharing with you. Want a free 6-inch sub sandwich? OK, that’s a stupid question…of course you do! All you have to do is text your Subway card number (without spaces) to 35562 and you will get 50 points added to your card which is enough points for a free 6-inch sub. If you don’t have a Subway card, you can pick one up from any Subway location.
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3 comments to Save money on restaurants with online freebies, birthday coupons and more

  • Love the post…thanks for including my website, Freebies and Much More!

    Best, Chris

  • A great place that I have found to save money on restaurants and all kinds of shopping is! They have $25 dining certificates for $7.50 and lots of other savings too! All you have need to do is visit the website and use the promo code 0207 to get started!

  • Yeah actually, I got a $25 dollar gift certificate for a restaurant from for a dollar! Yes 1$! usually they are $7.50 but there was a promo that day! 😉 I love getting more bang for the buck!

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