Introducing the new food writer for Mary D. Scourtes

(Last Updated On: 02/04/2011)

A few weeks ago, I put out a quiet request for a food writer to help cover the Tampa Bay restaurant scene. Man, the applications poured in and I discovered there’s some serious food talent in this city. So I’m honored to present to you the new food writer for Mary Scourtes. A Tampa native and venerated food writer for over 20 years, you may have heard her name over the years as she’s explored restaurants, chefs and food trends in our fair city. She’s been out of the food writing scene for a little while… but she’s back. With a renewed sense of enthusiasm. Begin reading her Tampa Bay restaurant reviews, news and deals starting next week.

As an introduction, I interviewed her this week on why she wanted back into the scene and what Mary’s made of. Methinks it might be food…

Why do you want to go back into food writing?

I lost all the weight I put on as a critic before so I have blank slate. And I wake up thinking about my next meal.

What publications have you worked for?

Tampa Tribune, Tampa Bay Metro, Flare Magazine, and I’ve freelanced for many other publications.

What is your background in food?

My father was from Greece and he owned a restaurant in Long Island, NY. So I come from a serious food-eating family. And I’ve been writing about it longer than I care to admit. (She still loves Greek food but claims pretty much all the Greek joints in this town could be better.)

What do you look forward to as a food writer this time? What are your passions?

My passions are the next appetizer, dessert and entrée in front of me. The dining out experience is so fluid and it can change from night to night and even from table to table. I look forward to digging into it.

What are your favorite cuisines and why?

Thai, Cajun, Italian. I adore the layers of flavors in Thai food: tongue-searing, sour, salty and sweet. And Cajun because its dishes are often a little heat plus a lot of flavor like in andouille and shrimp gumbo, red beans and rice, blackened fish or a marvelous muffaletta. Oh my… I can’t wait for Fat Tuesday. And I love Italian pasta and bread! They’re part of my favorite food group: White. That’s sugar, flour and cream.

What do you think is the best restaurant in Tampa Bay?

Definitely SideBern’s but maybe I’ll find a new love.

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3 comments to Introducing the new food writer for Mary D. Scourtes

  • Richard K

    I am so happy to see Mary back “in print” (sort of). I followed her for years in the Tampa Tribune and she never led astray. Plus, as I recall, she shares my strong aversion to mayonnaise…

  • Lynn D

    So glad to read that Mary will be writing about food again. Have missed her interesting insight. A Tampa gem! Congrats on a great choice … we look forward to Mary’s posts!

  • I’ll savor every morsel.

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