Thursday, April 29 is the Annual Dining Out for Life Event

dining out for lifeDine out, fight AIDS — that’s the message linked to this annual dining fundraiser. Restaurants across the nation have signed up to donate 10-30% of April 29th’s proceeds to AIDS charities and service organizations in their respective cities. Founded in 1991 by an activist in Philadelphia, the one-night event has grown to over 55 cities, involves more than 3,500 restaurants and raises $4 million every year.

To participate as a diner, it’s pretty easy. You go out to breakfast, lunch or dinner at one of the participating restaurants and they pass on the dollars. Most cities are celebrating the event on April 29th this year, but some have opted for different days. To find out the day your city is participating and which restaurants have joined in, check out the Dining Out For Life website.

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