Heading to the Wine Bloggers' Conference 2011

This year, I was nominated for a Wine Blogger Award, for Best Wine Reviews (read more about the nomination here). Frankly, it’s an honor to even be invited to this crowded party, and it justifies all the time I put into this blog (kinda). TaylorEason.com may not make much money but an ego stroke every now and then never hurts a girl, right?

Although I considered attending before the nomination, I kinda have to go to this year’s Wine Bloggers’ Conference. So I plonked down $700 for the last minute ticket from San Francisco to Charlottesville, Virginia (that’s what credit cards are for) to participate in the  bedlam. According to blogs like this one on WineTonite.com and Luscious Lushes, there’s plenty of drunken fun and schmoozing to be enjoyed.

I’ll be blogging from there (if I can break away from the bacchanal, that is), as well as tweeting and posting to Facebook.


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