What happens when Paula Dean's fans get crazy

(Last Updated On: 01/11/2011)

Tell me she doesn't look possessed

I will say something right up front… I’m the anti-fan of Paula Deen. I will probably offend at least two people reading this (maybe three?) but she’s a comical, borderline offensive stereotype and just plain silly (said with a drawl… “puh-lane seeh-ley”). Her recipes can’t possibly be healthy… I mean, look at her. Butter is a fabulous creation of nature but really, do you need to drown everything in it? Some veggies actually taste good without anything slathered on them.

Nowhere is this silliness more amplified than with this recipe. And you MUST read the comments, at least half of them, since that’s most of the fun. English Peas Recipe.

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6 comments to What happens when Paula Deen’s fans get frustrated

  • Gregory

    That is friggin’ hilarious. Given that everything I read (thus far) was from January 10, are people doing flash mob comments now!? Someone clearly organized that.

  • Wayne Garcia

    Literally laughed out loud in my office on more than one occasion on the comments. Thanks for the great time killer.

    Oh, and I wonder, given that many online comments are the funniest damned things I have ever read, we must have a glut of comedy writers in the US. So how come most every sitcom is completely unfunny? Can’t we hook up these interwebs trolls with Hollywood for mutual benefit?

  • Scott

    Brilliant! Haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

  • Taylor Eason

    Thanks for the link to Rachel’s comments… another bright star on the Food Network lineup. Glad to hear she recommends microwaving bacon, which is the worst thing possible for the planet’s most perfect food.

  • Gregory

    This has opened me up to a whole new world of comment surfing. If you’re looking for a way to not get anything done today, also check out the comments to:

    Rachel Ray’s Late Night Bacon: https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/rachael-ray/late-night-bacon-recipe-2103136

  • rishi

    please lets see battali…Food TV is inundated with fancy looking sales people who cant cook their way out of an Ethiopian pirate ship. My friends and I can make better cooking shows than some of these “Snooki” chefs.
    Food TV has sold out to mainstream entertainment..and here is the byproduct.
    And now to ease the pain I am going to immerse my liver in sparkling wine and reminisce about some real TV chefs

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