Tampa food scene news: Food truck frenzy, Epcot Food Festival, restaurant openings

Man v Food’s Adam Richman and Rene Valenzuela from Taco Bus

Although I don’t live there anymore, my heart still belongs to Tampa. And I follow the resto news pretty obsessively. A few tidbits you might have missed:

Food Truck Trend Comes to Tampa
Eating hot food from a truck isn’t particularly a new thing. Tacos have been served from windows for decades now. But “fine food”… that’s a different story. Glad to see Tampa enjoying this great renaissance.

Mary Scourtes wrote about the top trucks in the city

Jeff Houck lays out the land at the first Tampa Food Truck Rally. It was a massive success.

But despite the hoopla, it looks as though some trucks aren’t faring too well. An interview with the owner of Fire Monkey, by Todd Sturtz

And the Tampa Taco Bus (the original) received a visit from Adam with Man vs. Food.

Epcot Food and Wine Fest Returns

The last time I went to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival was in 2009, when I sweated my, um, balls(?) off. So I highly recommend going to this event later in October or early November.

Jeff Houck did the advanced food screening for you so you can hit the right places at this year’s fest.

Foodies Unite

The first of its kind in the Bay area, the recent Food Swap — where people converged to share their homecooked wares — apparently met with small but enthusiastic success. Bartering your way to a better meal.

And the Seminole Heights Sunday farmer’s market is back. Here’s hoping it’s better than when I was in the “hood.

Restaurant Closures, Moves and Openings

St. Pete and Madeira Beaches will soon have more dining choices. Laura Reiley (who is thankfully and nicely settling back in from her frightfully long hiatus) offers up the news. As well as announces a new place opening up in downtown St. Pete’s Kress building.

In a move I have yet to understand, Circles Restaurant in Hyde Park will be moving out to allow tapas king Ceviche to move in. Half the space? Odd. And Michael at Circles… where will your fabulous brunch be moving?

And the Venue, a location which has struggled since the heady nightclub days of yore, will be closing some restaurants, opening Venue Grille and revamping the layout.

And I must congratulate Joey Redner and the Cigar City team on their gold medal for Minaret ESB at the Great American Beer Festival.  Florida’s only Gold medal.

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