The Frugal Flavor Boost of Homemade Coffee

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Are you looking for a way an easy, thoughtless way to save a considerable amount of money? Well, look no further than your last cup of coffee. Many of us love a good cup of Joe. But all of those trips to Starbucks or your local café can add up. Brewing at home with affordable beans from your local grocery store is a great way to enjoy excellent coffee at a fraction of the cost.

Track Your Expenses

One way you can see just how much you spend on coffee is to track your monthly transactions at To see how little transactions can add up, check out this flashy video, put together by Oprah magazine, which illustrates one individual’s monthly transactions, followed by Mint.

You might think you don’t spend all that much on coffee. But if you go out for coffee twice a week, and spend an average of $5, you are spending about $40 per month on coffee. Those lattes really can add up!

How to Brew Great Coffee at Home, on the Cheap

Thankfully, home brewed coffee can be cheap and taste just as good as the stuff your buy at the café. Daily Finance outlines some of the perks of homebrewed coffee. As they note, the cheapest and tastiest way to buy coffee is in whole bean form. A pound of whole beans can range from $8 to $15.

Whole beans stay fresher much longer than ground coffee; about 45 days compared to 9-10. And while bargain coffees, like Folgers, often advertize that a $5, 10-ounce can of coffee will make 90 cups, in reality they make closer a third of that. When all the numbers are crunched, coffee made from whole beans is only about 2 cents more per cup. A price that is well worth the improved taste, and significantly cheaper than what you would spend at a café.

Tips for that Extra Coffee

Many wonder, what should you do with that extra cold coffee sitting at the bottom of the pot? Before you throw it out, consider using it next time you cook. The Seattle Times notes that increasingly, coffee is used as a special ingredient in cakes, sauces, and even roast beef! So before you poor that old coffee down the drain, consider using it the next time you bake.

Now that you have the inside scoop on homemade coffee, try it for yourself, and watch the savings add up.

For more savings fun, check out this link on How to Make Delicious Coffee Without a Coffeemaker.

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