Wine review: Heron 2009 Pinot Noir California

(Last Updated On: 12/10/2017)

heron 2009 pinot noirGreat wine for Thanksgiving!

Heron Winery out of San Francisco might be what you’d call an “alternative” winery. They don’t own vineyards, don’t have  a tasting room and make wines from grapes sourced from all over the world. Really tasty wines. Owner and winemaker Laely Heron believes that “delicious wines should be an unalienable right” and she prices her exceptional juice to fit the normal person’s budget. Yes, Laely could charge more for her wines, but doesn’t. We win.

The grapes for the Heron 2009 Pinot Noir grew in Paso Robles, Monterey and Russian River Valley and they blend together harmoniously. Lighter and more “Burgundian” in style, this wine has higher acidity than many other fuller-bodied Pinot Noirs from California. It’s elegant and restrained yet zesty and fun at the same time.  Red cherry, tart cranberry, spicy vanilla and slightly mushroomy. Stellar for a $15 Pinot Noir.

Sweetness: 1 out of 10
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Price: $14-16
Occasion: Tasted at a wine bar.
Food pairing: Thanksgiving dinner, roasted duck, light meats in a mushroom sauce, grilled salmon
Availability: High end wine shops

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