Wine review: Esca 2006 Syrah Napa Valley

Esca Wines is the brainchild of Mario and Anna Monticelli, winemakers for two other well-known Napa Valley wineries: Trinchero and Pina. While working for ‘da Man, they decided to make a few bottles for themselves and the idea grew from there.

Esca is Italian for allurement but there’s nothing romantic about this wine. It’s more in the dominatrix vein — a meaty, beat-you-up wine. Full-bodied and gutsy with tooth-coating black fruit like ripe plum and black cherry. Mixed in with the blast of dark roasted espresso and dusty cocoa powder is some spicy black pepper. Also sports hefty, astringent tannins which lend it an extracted, leathery finish. A wine for those seeking a Fight Club moment.

Sweetness: 1 out of 10
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5
Price: Mostly at restaurants, but for sale at around $25 retail
Occasion: Tasted a a wine bar and restaurant.
Food pairing: Hearty and meaty stews, roasted lamb, grilled ribeyes with a red wine reduction sauce
Availability: Limited availability around the country, but this is a listing of the retailers in six states:
Tampa folks: It’s by the glass at Fly Bar in Tampa as well as Cru Cellars by the bottle and glass.

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2 comments to Wine review: Esca 2006 Syrah Napa Valley

  • Melissa

    This wine was AMAZING. Had only a glass of it at The Grape in Tampa and loved that the first whiff resonated with smells of BACON! WHo doesn’t love BACON?!

    Back notes of jammy dark fruit but the sweetness was tempered by the beautiful smokiness. All in all one of the best Syrah’s I have tasted in a while.

  • Taylor Eason

    Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. And a great price!

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