Author: Sean Ludford

Tamarind Fruit

Whisky cocktail recipe: Irish Siesta

This complex yet refreshing cocktail utilizes the deep and mellow flavors of blended Irish Whiskey in an unexpected way by marrying it with flavors from south of the border. I absolutely love the flavor of tamarind and the sodas created with this unique fruit. (Tamarind soda can be found in most every ... Read More »

Session Beer

Session beers: Desperately seeking moderation

A Session Beer is a beer that is relatively low in alcohol (5% or lower), balanced in character, and ideally suited for enjoying one after another. I’m getting just a little annoyed by extreme beers. Do you know what I mean? I’m talking about those striving to be the “hoppiest” or the “strongest” ... Read More »

rum old fashioned cocktail

Cocktail recipe: Aged Rum Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail whose base spirit is whisky, most often bourbon. However, in the modern bar many variations exist including the use of rye, blended Scotch whisky, or brandy. Despite the many different twists, the Old Fashioned always uses a brown, wood-aged spirit as its base ... Read More »