Author: Sean Ludford

Tom Collins Cocktail

Classic cocktail recipe: Tom Collins

This classic drink has been a staple in cocktail recipe books for well over a century. The simple, but tasty “Collins” treatment of adding a fresh lemon and sugar to a spirit of choice will provide many happy cocktails hours at your home bar. Please promise to never buy those horrible ... Read More »


Cocktail recipe: Caramel Apple

This caramel apple won’t cause an emergency visit to your dentist. A great cocktail for a Halloween or fall theme party. It’s fruity with a crisp, tart edge just like a good apple. This recipe can easily be multiplied to create a tasty punch for your Halloween and fall parties.

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Oktoberfest beer: No airfare required

We are on the doorstep of the opening of one of the world’s greatest annual events. No, we’re not talking about the semi-annual Lindsay Lohan court appearance; we’re talking about Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is an event worthy of your attendance and one that you would likely feel the urge ... Read More »