Awesomely affordable dark chocolate: Endangered Species

affordable dark chocolateI do eat my share of dark chocolate… not mounds of it at one sitting like a PMS’ed fiend, but a a few squares of rich, dark chocolate beautifully strokes my occasional sweet tooth. So I’m particular about what enters this mouth –  it better be amazing. And, given that my fix is needed, ahem, almost everyday, it should be affordable dark chocolate. I spent easily hundreds of dollars – and about two years of effort – to find the best dark heaven deal and uncovered it, not at some gourmet, hoity-toity place (bless the people at Tcho, NOKA and Vosges) but at grocery stores.

Best Affordable Dark Chocolate

Endangered Species Supreme Dark Chocolate… the one with the cute chimpanzee on the package. At 72 percent cocoa content, it’s elegant and creamy and tastes like homemade bittersweet cocoa pudding. It coats the tongue, melting in your mouth (but also in your hands if you dilly-dally), leaving a slightly sweet yet bitter residue that keeps on giving like a well-structured wine. Here’s the best part… it’s about $3 per 3-ounce bar. Whoa!

And it’s enjoyment relatively without guilt. Setting aside all the studies about how dark chocolate is super good for your health, 10% of the chocolate bar’s proceeds support conservation efforts, and this affordable dark chocolate is made from all-natural, shade-grown, ethically traded goodness.

The chimpanzee version can be difficult to find – Endangered Species also have a panther, bear and many other animals but don’t be duped by the cute faces, they aren’t as good – so search for the right one, buy a couple bars and growl at people who try to snatch some. OK… that’s not completely fair. I’ve been known to indulge in the owl version with Sea Salt and Almonds and the Dark Chocolate with Forest Mint. They’re available on Amazon or support your local natural food shops and find where you can buy it by zip code here.

For a wine pairing, try any high octane, super fruity zinfandel or a lighter, not so sweet late harvest zinfandel like the Dashe Late Harvest Zinfandel.

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  1. So funny, before opening your newsletter just had a square of this very same maker’s chocolate, i went for the cute sea turtle and it is quite good with the same 72% cocoa and a blueberry in every bite!

  2. Great minds…


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