Brazin 2007 Old Vine Zinfandel Lodi

brazin lodi zinfandelNot everyone can craft really tasty zinfandel. Sometimes, this varietal wine can be overly alcoholic, with fumes wafting up your nose. Other times, it’s too intense and brash like a pushy whore wearing too much makeup. But occasionally, this grape pimps out some mighty fine juice, with gushing fruit and just enough robust flavor to make it interesting. Brazin is one of those brands. I tried both their Dry Creek and Lodi Zinfandels and for $19, I’d buy these anyday. The Dry Creek label is really tasty, with plenty of jammy fruit, black pepper and chocolate. But the Lodi was the tasty flavorite and more readily available. It’s bold, full-bodied and decadent. Blackberry jam, black cherry, plum, cinnamon and toasted vanilla. Also has a hint of green tobacco and a touch of fruit (not sugar)-driven sweetness. Easy-handling tannins. Alcohol comes in at 15%, so it’s not a casual sipper, but allow it to linger in your glass and you won’t regret it. Would pair with barbecue or grilled meats. Sw=3. $16-$19. 4 stars.

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