Buying four great cheeses at Whole Foods for under $20

roaring forties
Roaring Forties Blue

I was in Lower Manhattan heading to a small party, just 3 other people and me, and I hadn’t made it back home to  Brooklyn and my cheese stash. I am “Cheeseguy” and obviously expected to bring cheese. So I popped in to Whole Foods Tribeca and threw down my lofty request: I need four cheeses for a party and have a $20 dollar bill. Alex, assistant cheese tender, gladly took the challenge… even calling it “easy”. I thought to myself, “Really? I am at Whole Foods… not exactly the cheapest place in town.”

But not only did he help me find a variety of cheeses to fit my budget, they were all really good. He started out with a raw milk Morbier, a cow’s milk cheese from France with a wave of ash in the middle. Traditionally, the bottom layer is made from the evening milk, then dusted with ash, and topped with a layer of the next morning’s milk. But today, they use the same day’s milk. This Morbier was in perfect condition and had great flavor.

morbier cheeseNext I needed a goat’s milk cheese, so Alex steered me to Capricho de Cabra, a fresh Spanish goat that’s really creamy with the refreshingly tart acidity of a goat cheese still in its prime. Then came a sheep’s milk cheese — a real budgetary challenge because sheep’s milk is more expensive to produce. Alex stayed in the Spain section and handed me Cordobes, a Manchego-like cheese, but more buttery and a less animal-ly than Manchego. Very tasty.

Now all that was left was a blue cheese and I spotted a small wedge of Roaring Forties Blue from King Island Dairy in Tasmania — one of my favorites. It sports a nutty flavor with nice moisture.

The full line-up:

Morbier: .31 pounds $4.03 (it was on sale)
Capricho de Cabra: .3 pounds $3.90
Cordobes: .42 pounds $6.30
Roaring 40’s Blue: .23 pounds $4.14

Total:  $18.37 for 1.26 pounds of cheese

Overall, it was a good mix of cheese, all in great shape, more than enough cheese for nibbling and wine, 5 ounces of cheese per person, great deal!

Taylor’s Note: Want to bring a great wine that will pair well?
Morbier: A pinot noir like Cru from California
Capricho de Cabra: A sauvignon blanc like Sbragia 2009 Sauvignon Blanc or a French Loire Valley white
Cordobes: A Spanish Tempranillo 
Roaring Forties Blue: Port wine or other sweet wine like Sauternes

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  1. I went to Whole Foods in Tampa and all of these cheeses were in the house. Prices were a little lower too. I tasted the Roaring Forties and that puppy packs a wallop! I still savored the salty goodness about 20 minutes later while in the checkout line… with a hunk of it. $17.99/lb. Thanks for the intro Raymond.

  2. Glad I could help. I love the Roaring 40’s Blue cheese. Its from Tasmania, home to some of the cleanest milk in the world. Enjoy


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