California Lifestyle: New job, the drought and the miracle of Stitchfix

California lifestyle: Gun Bun First Week
Gundlach Bundschu First Week

Like everyone who lives far from where they grew up, I connect often with people where I used to live – Florida and the east coast. While my friends and family in Tampa struggle with floods and hurricanes, my husband and I endure the drought-ridden California land (not to mention earthquakes). Having moved from a state flush with water, the California lifestyle has been an adjustment to restrict water usage. But adjust we have. We catch water in the shower while it heats up, planted drought-tolerant plants in our front and back yards, and adopted the “if it’s yellow, let it mellow” in the toilet mantra. This last one has been, to say the least, not fun but if it gets us where we need to be, I’m cool with that.

Lest I end the first paragraph with bathroom dialogue, a couple other things are cooking in my California lifestyle.

The New Job

On other fronts, I have a new winery job. My gig at J Vineyards & Winery ended when E.J Gallo bought the winery in late March. We found out on a Monday morning and were ushered out on that following Friday. I had never experienced a corporate buy out before and it was an eye-opening exercise in efficiency. Gallo kept most of the hospitality staff but the marketing department was located about an hour away from my house in Santa Rosa or in Modesto, California, about three hours south. So I chose to stay local and start my own consulting business, which was doing well. But then, in June 2015, I got a text from a friend, letting me know that a small, family-owned (and operated) winery I’ve admired for eons, Gundlach Bundschu, was looking for a Director of Marketing. I thought about it for a couple of days and then threw my hat in the ring. Forward-thinking, very cool and very fun, Gun Bun — as we affectionately call the winery — fits my personality. I started working for them mid July and have been very busy ever since. The wines are available in many states nationwide — especially the dry (delicious) Gewurztraminer and a sexy red Bordeaux blend called Mountain Cuvée.

The California lifestyle doesn’t suck.

The Glory of Stitchfix

And I must pass on a tip to those who aren’t familiar with an incredible personal clothing shopping service called Stitchfix. Being not a huge fan of shopping in person, internet shopping rocks my world. Stitchfix is the answer to my no time to shop, no time to keep on top of fashion trends life. It works like this:  You fill out a questionnaire that asks for your size info and prices that fix your budget but also offers up pictures of clothing to get a sense of your style. Before the Fix, you have the opportunity to provide feedback on items you need, like pants, sweaters, jewelry, etc. You can even share a Pinterest board with them, showing fashion you admire. As often as you want (or you can schedule monthly), you request a “Fix” and a week or so later, five items come in the mail (USPS).  You pay $20 for the “styling fee” and this money is used towards your purchase. Most of the Fixes that have arrived I’ve either taken all five items or at least three of them — it’s been a lifesaver for me… and I get compliments ALL the time on the clothes and accessories they choose for me. What you don’t like, you send back using the prepaid envelope, as well as feedback on what and why the clothes didn’t work for you.

Interested in Stitchfix? Here’s a referral link to check it out. If you end up signing up, I get a $25 spiff…. that will help me with the addiction. Many thanks in advance.


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