Cheese introduction: Smoked Rambol

Rambol is a creamy textured cheese from Annecy, France, just over the Swiss border from Geneva. Resembling smoked gouda in flavor and firm brie  in texture, it begins life as Gruyère de Comté (famous in cheese fondue), which is de-rinded, cooked, then smoked slowly over hickory coals. This practice results in a rich, delicately smoky soft cheese that’s spreadable at room temperature. Quite delicious with a glass of crisp and slightly sweet riesling. $11.99 – $12.99/pound at upscale grocery stores and gourmet markets.

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  1. where can i buy smoked rambol cheese can i order on line

  2. Tough to find these days for sure but Google it or look for it on Instacart.


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