Coppola 2007 Diamond Petite Sirah California

I’ve noticed I prefer the esoteric wines from the Coppola collection, not that that should surprise me… I’m always a bit on the weird side. People go batty for their cabernet, chardonnay, merlot, etc. but their alicante bouchet, Rosso and now Petite Sirah (some spell it Syrah… same thing) intrigue me. This hearty, sock-it-to-ya grape can be super intense, tannic and acerbic but Coppola manages to tame the wild beast. Very aromatic and full-bodied, it’s got juicy blackberry, plums, soft vanilla and a slight sweetness to on the finish. Quite scrumptious but only for those accustomed to big, meaty wines.Sw=2. $17. 4 stars.

Learn more about Petite Sirah-Syrah in a column I wrote in 2006.

Dying to try it? Buy it direct on the Coppola website.


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