Curing allergies with food: AIP diet redux 2 years later

wine and the AIP diet
Wine may not be my best friend anymore.

It’s been two years since my first round of the autoimmune protocol or AIP diet to cure my shellfish allergies with food. This ride has lasted a while but I’ve noticed a few things lately that are calling me back into the realms of another 60-day leaky gut reset. Not sure if anyone else has these sorts of symptoms but I’ll list them here:

  1. Nuts give me acne. Any kind of nuts, about 3-4 days post consumption. Freakin’ tragic. If I lay off them, my skin is clear as a normal adult but once I pop a few almonds, pecans or walnuts, it’s off to teenager land I go.
  2. I’m becoming re-allergic/intolerant (still haven’t learned the medical difference) to avocados, which manifests itself as itchy eyes. Before the cleanse two years ago, my eyes swelled like my husband had knocked me around, but now it’s a mild itch. Hoping this upcoming 60-day round will clear up the avocado thing for good… me and guacamole, we’re close friends and I’d like to stay that way.
  3. Shellfish is starting to give me the same symptoms so, yeah, it’s time for a gut lining refresh.

But one thing I learned recently — causing me a helluva lot of angst — is that wine, my beloved best friend of 20 years, is likely the culprit for my leaky gut return. After reading more and more about leaky gut syndrome, it’s become obvious that my guttural trials and tribulations are of the vinous variety. I won’t go into the details but you can read all about the theory here — not the most scientific website but it’s explained pretty well. Basically, no matter how hard core Paleo I’m eating these days, too much wine will crush all that effort. Sure, I can have wine every now and then, but it’s no longer going to be a daily habit.

Off to AIP diet redux I go… Stay tuned for more recipes to be developed, more health news and who knows what else I’ll dream up.

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