Delicious cheese review: Two Sisters Isabella Gouda

Two Sisters Isabella GoudaI have fallen in love with a hunk. My husband would love to hear that but this hunk is a wedge of cheese. Specifically the aged kind called Gouda from Holland. But before you roll your eyes and yawn over the boring personality of typical American gouda, know this… the Dutch original is almost always better.

Made from cow’s milk and pasteurized, Two Sisters Isabella Gouda strikes a harmonious balance between rich and creamy, briny and nutty. The consistency isn’t crumbly like other aged goudas (only one year in cave), but resembles a sharp cheddar with tiny salt crystals that provide toothsome fun. Besides heavenly, it tastes like butterscotch or caramel without the sugar and every bite envelops your mouth with flavor like a piece of well-made bittersweet chocolate. Pair this cheese with a heavier French red blend like Delas Cotes du Rhone, a heavier red Zinfandel like Quivira or a brown ale like Flashback India Brown Ale


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