eProvenance tracks a wine’s temperature from the winery to the cellar

The bane of most winemakers is not knowing what their creation will taste like in your glass. These creative beings spend eprovenancecountless hours babying a wine, only to have the distribution system muck it up somehow. Despite every earnest effort along the way from winery to table, high temperatures (especially in summer) can, and often do, ruin a perfectly good bottle of wine.

Most of us probably can’t tell the difference. But imagine if you’re a collector, a wine geek who invests thousands in one bottle… wouldn’t you want to know exactly what that bottle had experienced in its life? This is where eProvenance comes in. This company monitors the temperature of the wine, by means of Radio Frequency Identification sensors, up to three times per day while it travels, and even into its cellar life. It just might revolutionize the wine collecting business.



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