Faiveley 2007 Mercurey “Clos de Myglands”

clos des myglandsI recently had the pleasure of interviewing Erwan Faiveley, the president of stunning Burgundy producer, Faiveley. They’ve been crafting wines for 184 years, plenty of time to perfect. But Erwan has found a way to make it better (read more about their strategy here). His recent efforts are reflected in this elegant pinot noir. It’s fresh and pretty, with bright red cherry, soft tannins, mild acidity and a dried cherry finish. Simply gorgeous and worth every penny.

Sweetness: 1 out of 10
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5
: $34- $40
Occasion: Tasted it with the proprietor.
Food pairing: Anything with mushroom sauce or that has a predominant mushroom flavor.
Availability: High end wine shops


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