Galway Pipe Tawny Port

Tastes like walnuts and macadamia nuts sautéed in creamy butter, then drizzled with sweet, opulent caramel. Has a beautiful, never-ending, prune-tinged finish. Simply gorgeous and worth like $90. 4.5 stars out of 5. Sweetness=7 out of 10 (dry to sweet). $30.

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  1. My husband is a huge fan of Galway Pipe Tawny Port but can no longer find it in the US and it is very expensive to have shipped from Austrailia. In his effort to find a replacement, he has tried so many different ones and still cannot find one close to Galway Pipe. Can you recommend one that would be very close?


  2. They likely stopped importing Galway to the U.S. Tis unfortunate, I know! Have you seen the Benjamin Tawny Port around? It’s fairly close… perhaps a little on the fruity side rather than nutty but a steal at around $12. Another option, which might be easier to find, is the Graham’s 10 Year Tawny.

  3. You can get it in the US again. Google it for a retailer who can ship. Price is comparable to 10 year ports!!! I’m in California and found two retailers in state who have it in stock.

  4. Great news!!

  5. do you have galway pipe port available for sale?

  6. Ms Shelton,
    I’m in CA also and would love to know where you found the Galway Port.

  7. Please tell me where you found the Galloway Port! We have been unable to find and my boyfriend really loves it!!

  8. Hi Linda – It’s been a while since I wrote this but it looks like it’s available at online stores. Google it and a few pop up but the price has unfortunately gone up significantly. Hope this helps!

  9. Hi, to anyone who might be interested I just picked up eight bottles of Galway pipe port vintage 1985. It’s considered to be their finest year the previous owner had been contacted by Galway to purchase it back from him. It is considered a lost classic but, has an estimated value of $349.97 USD per bottle if you are interested let me know like I said I have eight bottles available for sale.

  10. As anyone in Australia can tell you, you always finish a good meal with a nice tawny port. The port of choice was usually Galway Pipe. I had found it in the 90’s at various Australian wine stores and upscale supermarkets (with sommeliers) in Arizona. Sadly, I haven’t seen it in years. Now, I know why. I miss my “sticky,” as we used to call it!


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