Good cheap red wine review: Bogle 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon California

Bogle 2009 Cabernet SauvignonThe sixth generation Bogle Winery family is a hands-on operation.  They own 1,500 acres all over the state since the family has been farming land since the 1870s. Funny part is, they kinda fell into the grape-growing biz in 1968 — when the Bogle’s grandfather wanted a crop he didn’t have to replant each year. He chose Petite Sirah (now their most famous varietal wine) and Chenin Blanc. But it was until 1978, when one of their grape clients didn’t need their fruit , that the Bogle family made wine for the first time. It apparently sucked so bad they had to give it away, but they kept at it.  Then in 1997, when Patty Bogle (who tragically passed away a year ago)  took over the reigns after her husband died, Bogle Vineyards took off and became what we know today — a million-case winery with no debt and a humble, down-to-earth family ownership (Judy Bogle is super cool).

Years ago, a sommelier friend of mine described Bogle wines as “mass-produced, and you can find them at [the grocery store], but for the money they’re the best damn grocery-store wine you can buy.” I still agree.

Case in point with the 2009 Bogle Cabernet Sauvignon. Rich, dark fruits of black cherry and plum interlace with the spiciness of clove, cinnamon and cedar. It bears a dusty quality, which I like, that brings out the black tea and smokiness floating around in the mouth. The tannins and acids are mellower than many Cabernets and its finish of black fruits lasts a while after the sip. There’s a whole helluva lot going on in this wine for $10.99.

Sweetness: 1 out of 10
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5
Price: $10-$14
Occasion: Purchased at the the grocery store.
Availability: At grocery stores nationwide or find it on the Bogle website
Food pairing: Grilled meats, hard cheeses and recipes like Braised and Pulled Ribs.



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  1. Great wine for $12!!!


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