Governor Schwarzenegger declares September California Wine Month

california wine monthSeems to me there’s a “day” or “month” for everything: Official Macaroni and Cheese Day, National Cow Day and each calendar month has a disease attached to it. Some designations make sense to me (Cancer Awareness Month, although to not be “aware” of cancer would require hermit-level ignorance) and others, not so much — National Waffle Month (??).

But every year for the past six, California has celebrated Wine Month during September. The timing makes sense, harvest starts and the Valleys are teeming with activity and tourists. Great time to entertain all those people wanting to spend money and time at California’s 3,000 wineries where 90 percent of domestic wine is birthed. Social calendars are chock full o’ events throughout the state, kicking off with Sonoma Wine Country Weekend and ending with the Taste of Lodi Festival, guaranteed that the best and brightest wineries will be showing off their stuff. To see a full lineup of the tastings and pretty cool harvest experiences at various wineries, check the Discover California Wines webpage.


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