Halloween wine party gadgets that are cheesy yet goofily fun

Mummy Wine GlassHalloween is my third favorite holiday, after Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s not the candy (too fattening)… or the kids dressed up (oh, the horrors)… but the deliciously useless kitsch. I have a plastic skeleton, several large, furry black spiders (with webs), and a rather gruesome severed head with protruding eyeballs which don my house on October 31st. I find it entertaining to freak out the little ones while their parents watch (and likely laugh). The addition of the blaring Halloween Pandora channel adds to the drama, of course.

But what’s better than enjoying this much macabre fun alone? Inviting friends over to savor torturing the tots in a group…. with wine added to heighten the brazen scare tactics. Sure, Halloween falls on a weeknight but why not embrace the moment… that’s what sick days are for.

With a theme party, you must have themed accoutrements. I often troll Amazon for interesting stuff and I found a few kitschy, amusing Halloween items I couldn’t keep under (mummy) wraps.

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