Happy April Fool’s Day: Which of these wines don’t exist? (fun)

Yes, Dorothy, this is real

Nowadays in the clamoring and competitive wine realm, wineries must bring out the big marketing genius to capture the hearts and tongues of those new to wine. Often, the ballsiest, wackiest and the most salacious concept ends up in the cart, no matter what the quality inside the bottle. And ain’t it fun to watch this unfold? I love perusing the wine aisles, eager to discover where my gaze might fall as a cool label reaches out and grabs my eyeballs. In honor of April Fool’s Day, test out these clever wine labels and see if you can guess which ones aren’t real. Check in tomorrow to see if you’re right. (Some winery names removed to keep it fair.)

1. Train Wreck Cabernet
2. Dominatrix Pinot Noir
3. Bullwinkus Shiraz
4. Foreplay Chardonnay
5. Flying Cigar White
6. Don’t Spit, Swallow Red
7. Ball Buster Syrah
8. Elephant on a Tightrope
9. Return of the Living Red
10. Earth, Zin and Fire

See the results.



  1. It was tough keeping it to 10 entries! There are some seriously demented/odd/weird names being printed on labels these days. Such fun.

  2. Thanks for the quiz! I took one last April 1. Got them all correct except one. I still maintain there is no such wine as “1961 Petrus”.

  3. Courtney Cochran

    OMG I so ♥ that you did this!


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