Happy St. Patty’s Day: Irish Beer 101

Irish BeersSince March 17th approacheth, ’tis time to sport the Irish brogue and learn a wee bit about the best Irish brews available on these Yankee shores. Tis true that the best Guinness drought is the freshest, sent o’er the local pub after brewing in Dublin but that doesn’t mean we Americans are starved for options. Here’s a list of some brilliant links for beer lovers of all levels to celebrate the impending Irish holiday. Slainte!

Trading Beer for Wine for a Day – Translating Wine Taste to Beer Styles

Don’t Have to Drink Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

Top Ten Irish Beers

A List of Mostly Domestic, Irish-Style Beers (BeerAdvocate.com)

Irish Beer 101 – the guide to lingo

Irish Drinking Toasts


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