How to make sake: Video

sake drinkSake is not a spirit, although the lower-quality ones certainly taste like a $1 shot in a college bar. It’s described as “rice wine,” but sake is actually a grain-fermented beverage like beer. However, it tastes closer to wine and isn’t carbonated.

Since the good stuff can be wicked expensive (and is, ahem, an acquired taste), many Americans haven’t embraced it as much as other parts of the world. But it’s much easier to make than wine (or even beer). This video shows you how simple it can be. (Read an intro to sake here.)

But if you’re adventurous and have a little over a week for some chemistry experiments in your kitchen, you can make your own for half the price using easy-to-find ingredients. Check out this informative and straight-forward video on how to create  sake. If you’re ready to start, visit for beginner, intermediate and advanced recipes.


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