National Vodka Day: A celebration in spirits

What are they thinking with some of these?

Although some people might celebrate it every day, National Vodka Day is actually today. Who knew? I didn’t until I received a press release touting the fabulousness of this versatile, chameleon spirit. And a quick internet search indicates October 4th has been declared National Vodka Day for at least the past five — actually ordained by the U.S. government. Yep. How’s that for a waste of taxpayer money?

But, since that money won’t be helping pay teachers any more money, let’s talk about why we all love this virtually tasteless spirit:

1. Vodka’s versatility astounds: from Moscow Mules and Blue Hawaiis to Bloody Marys, it absorbs whatever surrounds it like a great fitting pair of jeans.

2. It gives you less of a hangover. (Read why)

3. Vodka makes up 1/4 of the ingredients in James Bond’s martinis (the rest is gin). James Bond = cool.

4. It’s the only spirit which doesn’t taste vile as a “flavored” version. Like chile pepper, vanilla and citrus (not in the same bottle, of course).

5. Vodka can be made from nearly any grain, and even molasses, so post apocalypse, we’ll all be sitting pretty (if the stills survive).

Vodka Trivia

1. Gin is the original flavored vodka. (Read about gin)

2. What other great drinks can be made from potatoes? Exactly.

3. The Polish claim to have invented vodka. [Insert tacky Polish joke here].

4. Vodka was the most popular spirit during the 13-year horrific experiment known as Prohibition.

5. Vodka means “little water” in Russian.

6. Unlike rum or Cognac, vodka can come from anywhere… no country can claim its dominance over this spirit. Thus, craft-made vodkas are all the rage. Decent lists of them is here.

7. Read more vodka trivia here

And, while we’re on the subject, there’s a new kid on the block, Russian Standard Gold Vodka. It releases on National Vodka Day for $44.99.

Now go celebrate. You have an excuse tonight.


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  1. Another reason for me to love vodka so much! Belvedere is my personal favorite.


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