Poll: How do you feel about a wine labeled Intelligent Design Cuvee?

Recently, I received a press release from a winery I’m not familiar with, Wesley Ashley Wines, touting their new wine releases.  2007 Intelligent Design Cuvee 2009 (Carignan, Grenache, Cinsaut, Petite Sirah, Mourvedre, and Pinot Noir blend) and Intelligent Design Cuvée Blanc (Viognier, Rousanne, Grenache Blanc).What do you think of these wine names?




  1. A good marketing ploy that will get the wineri and the wine a good deal of publicity – it might create some shock and ave – though in the long run people wanna try it – just due to the name.

  2. The name’s provocative and fun. Interesting combination of varietals in the blend…definitely worth a try

  3. My name is Jim Sloate and I am the Proprietor of Wesley Ashley Wines. I wanted to jump in on the discussion about our wines, the label and its name. I wont go into to much detail about our story as it is discussed in detail on our website.

    You would be surprised by how many people dont know what Intelligent Design is, however, once you explain it to them, it really does start a great conversation. And what could be better than great conversation with some great wine. We do not take a stance on the debate between ID and people with Darwinian persuasion. We simply ask – “Is wine all about science – or does wine have a soul?” “You Decide”

  4. Intelligent Design has a wonderful marketing foundation as wine that can be recognized as a beautifully blended wine. The label alone demonstrates that many unique parts can come together to craft something that is outstanding.

  5. Putting a blend of wines together that is full bodied, flavorful and easy to drink with many foods is an art form in of itself. Although the wine names in the Intelligent Design offerings are not in the typical vocabulary of every day people, they are known to many as being excellent grapes to make a fun bottle of wine to drink at any occasion.

    I am anxious to buy both blends and experiment with various food offerings. I already have a bone in pork roast in mind for the Cuvee.

  6. First thing that came to my mind when I tried the red was “WOW, this is amazing!” This mad scientist blend is elegant, complex and can be paired with a variety of food! The white is elegant and complex as well and so much fun. So tired of over oaked, buttery white wines….boring. Intelligent design is to be enjoyed. With the lable and idea that the proprietor has presented, I can’t think of anything better then drinking a bottle and sharing in an interesting conversation.

  7. Intelligent Design is definately a great converstions bottle but what an amazing wine as well. What’s better then great converstion great wine and great indeas. The lable itself can spark much talk. I say perfect idea for an amazingly crafted blend.


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