Real men drink wine for Super Bowl

logo-2010-Super-BowlPerhaps it’s my tiny universe, but wine seems to be crossing a crucial threshold. Parties whose alcoholic lineup formerly included only beer (in kegs) and vile vodka from Idaho now mingle with white and reds. This highly anecdotal evidence is backed up with stats from the Wine Institute, a trade group based in California that reports American wine consumption has grown steadily since 1998. Other reports declare similar jumps. So is it maybe time to suggest wines be served at the ultimate Manfest — Super Bowl? Hell, why not?

Is rosé too wussy? Since we’re breaking boundaries, I might as well tackle the pink stuff. Real men do drink salmon-tinted wine, and might even deign to use that frou-frou phrase to describe it. I’ve seen men with highly defined pectorals and biceps drinking rosé, although the term “metrosexual” might make an appropriate descriptor for them. But nary a pinky floated in the air and they seemed quite secure, especially financially since rosé falls into more affordable territory. Should any host catch a cross-eyed look from a ‘roided meathead, defend yourself by telling them pink wines will make their testicles grow. Good bets: Turkey Flat Vineyards, Monkey Bay, Bonterra, Columbia Crest Two Vines, Folie a Deux.

Nothing’s wrong with serving cheap stuff
No one has to know or maybe you can be “recession proud” and publicize your cheap ass. Buy a decent boxed wine, siphon some into a fancy decanter and kick back as everyone oohs and aahs. If you’d like to go higher-brow (with bottles instead), look to Spanish wines: Garnacha (aka grenache) and tempranillo are not only inexpensive red wines, they’re tough enough for a manly palate and can stand up to a batch of flame throwin’ hot wings or ribs.

Sangria stretches the budget
Everyone, and I mean everyone, freakin’ loves sangria. It’s an excuse to drink sweet wine without admitting you like sweet wine. Even if it’s made from the worst rotgut ever vinified, add the right amount of sugar, juice, spice and liquor and voilá, touchdown. Good recipes can be as sacred as the family bible and guarded as much as Super Bowl rings so I’ve assembled some sangria recipe winners. My favorite has easy ingredients and is so cheap it squeaks.

Or go super classy…
Say you’re a Steelers fanatic and really want to share your cherished booty with like-minded friends. Pull out the sacred wines you’ve saved for a special occasion – isn’t this one of them? Or, have a bottle of bubbly on hand to celebrate the victory or defeat of your arch rival. You can’t fumble with that plan.



  1. wine of the month club

    While I won’t be drinking Rose while I watch the Super Bowl, I will be drinking an aged Cab and wondering how the Chargers lost to the Jets.

  2. Tempranillo with spicy chicken wings – the best!


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