Saint André Triple Cream Cheese

saint andre

The triple crème de la  crème from St. André Creamery in Villefranche de Rouergue, France. “Triple-creme” on the label indicates the cheese has no less than 75% butterfat for every 100 grams of cheese. Richer than any “brie” or Camembert you’ve had, it’s the treasured decadence of a well-fed and discerning palate. In essence, you, right?

Made from cow’s milk, Saint André’s consistency is like cheesecake and  rivals the rich flavor of pure, high-quality butter. It’s slightly sweet and minutely earthy with an edible bloomy rind (go ahead – the smooth exterior ain’t gonna kill you). Eat huge hunks with a crispy baguette (no flavored crackers for this one) and feel your arteries clog. But be happy about it. And serve it room temperature so the soft consistency can be fully enjoyed. Available locally at Whole Foods and many Publix, including the new Greenwise in SoHo for around $16.69/lb. Don’t be freaked out by the price… a little goes a long way with this tasty treat.

Serve it with sparkling wine, dry rosé or a pale ale.

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