Searing romance and summer white wines

White wine by the poolAs a bead of sweat runs down my cleavage, I reach for the best thirst-quenching tool at the pool: a cool, dewy plastic glass of summer white wine or rosé. There’s nothing like it to satisfy quivering, lusty lips longing for the refreshing taste of crisp, clean wine. As I guzzle, an errant stream trickles down my bronzed, steamy flesh, making its way to my navel. “Time for a white wine body shot,” I dreamily declare while my eyes peruse the surroundings for a turgid young man. I spy a young, willing candidate to rescue a poor, helpless wino-girl…

Sigh … the heat is going to my head…

But the idea is sound. Especially at the pool, summer white wine is truly an eager alternative to beer, even employing the same accoutrements: a cooler filled with ice, an opener and a couple of groovy Go Vino plastic wine glasses. And here are ideas on how to chill your wine down in a hurry.

At the pool, you don’t drink heavy reds ’cause the red wine will make you sleepy, ruining a good time. There’s an old European tale that white wine will stimulate your brain activity, but red will put you to sleep. Hmm. (This geeky concept was explored here.)

Also, light summer white wines and rosés help quench the thirst you build up under the sweltering sun. You don’t need a wine that requires thought or discussion, or one that distracts you from poolside activities like white wine body shots, “drink” Twister or strip poker.

If it’s a private pool, go for a real wine glass but, if not, don’t worry about using plastic cups (avoid Styrofoam, unless you like the taste of Styrofoam). But if you’re savoring it slowly, keep the bottle cold (hidden in the bushes, if necessary) in a plastic wine bucket like this or use a chilled wine insulator like this one.

To maximize your outdoor summer experience, mix the following  summer wines with a little romance, two trembling lips, and loads of sunscreen, and you’re in for sensual poolside bliss.

Suggested Rosé Wines
Rhone varietals like Viognier
Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc
Dry Creek Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc or Chenin Blanc
La Ferme Julien from Trader Joe’s
Sparkling wine, Prosecco or Cava



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