Five helpful health guidelines

LMilk jug dateoads of bullshit surround how to take care of your health. I’ve learned that it’s crucial to dig deep into research papers and studies, especially who paid for them. Kinda hard to believe the results of a study on the benefits of caffeine when it’s sponsored by the coffee industry. This hasn’t happened (to my knowledge) but it’s happened in numerous other industries, from cigarettes to pharmaceuticals. But here are five helpful health guidelines which are, indeed, vetted and real. Some are pretty tasty too.

  1. Using coconut oil in your cooking can boost HDL, the “good” cholesterol. Check out this muffin recipe that uses coconut oil. Not sponsored by the coconut oil people, by the way.
  2. Hardcore running isn’t necessary to reduce heart disease and stroke rates in women. All you need is brisk walking (3-4 miles per hour) to gain benefits. Tufts University study.
  3. Harvard and Spanish researchers report that red wine protects against the common cold. Something to celebrate!
  4. The risk of obesity jumps 25 percent with each two-hour increase in daily TV watching. Somewhat common sense but the TV people didn’t sponsor this one.
  5. Food date labels are only a guideline and not a hard rule. Those dates are actually not meant for consumers — they tell the store how long a product can be kept in stock and still have shelf life once a shopper takes it home. Feel free to use your own judgment for when something is spoiled. Your nose will tell you. read how long eggs stay fresh.

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