Thanksgiving wine tips and recipes

Turkey and WineIt’s turkey time again and let the wine buying begin. Wine enhances any meal, but especially this one. Sharing a bottle, sharing memories and sharing stories about the year that just passed are always better over a glass of vino (especially if the family isn’t exactly awesome). Since everyone’s table has a unique food spread across the country, I’ve always preached that people should just drink what they like during The Big Meal. But, should you want some guidance, here are a few Thanksgiving wine tips as well as recipes to get you started.

The Whites
Alternative white wines like Chenin Blanc or dry Riesling make a nice addition to the meal. Or unoaked Chardonnay can do wonders with turkey.

The Reds
Pinot Noir is the classic pairing and that’s exactly what I’ll be having at Thanksgiving. But lighter reds like Cru Beaujolais, Italian Chianti and Grenache are delicious options.

For more Thanksgiving wine tips, I recommend reading my friend Meg Maker’s excellent post on the Best Thanksgiving Wines.

The Recipes
Looking for different recipes to throw into the mix this year? Here are a few suggestions:

Instead of baked sweet potatoes, try Spicy Sweet Potato Fries.

To lighten the load of green bean casserole, check out Truffled Green Beans.

Or how about Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon? Or Restaurant Quality (yet healthier) Creamed Spinach.

And you can never go wrong with raw salads. Fennel Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette?

Surprise your friends and family with something different this year… you might like it.

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