The best, most wanted wine, beer and whisky gifts for the holiday season

Cool things abound this year for the alcohol-minded folks on your gift list. Or for you, if you swing that holiday way. Here are a few ideas for the best beer, whisky or wine gifts for the enthusiasts in your life. And one quick trip to Amazon will get you closer to being finished with your Christmas or Hanukkah shopping.

cork purseWine

A Cork Purse
What every wine diva must have… especially an eco-minded one. Stylish, functional and makes a statement. From $95 on Amazon.

Ignore the fact that it’s phallic and embrace the Corksicle’s ingenious design — keeps your white or sparkling wine cold while you’re sipping. An alternative to other wine gifts.$24 on Amazon.

WineTanium unbreakable wine glasses
Yes, another handy, unbreakable glass but these are a little more stylish and dishwasher-friendly. $20 on Amazon.

Craft beer glassesBeer

Set of 6 Beer Glasses
Just like the wine-obsessed, beer aficionados also need special glasses for their brews. This set offers a sampler of classic pilsner, english pub, belgian ale, craft pub glass, porter/stout, wheat beer glasses. $26 on Amazon.

A Complete Homebrew Kit
Everything needed to create a batch of tasty homebrew. Perhaps if you gift this, there might be some rewards in the future. Around $100 on Amazon.

A Beer Trip Around the World
How about assembling a 12-pack of beers all recommended by’s own beer writer, Robb Larsen? The options are endless — see all his reviews.

whisky stonesWhisky

A Set of Whisky Stones
Designed to slightly chill whisky without watering it down or adding flavor, these elegant, soapstone-based whisky stones are the bomb. $15 on Amazon.

Spirits Aerator
Absolutely for the person who has, literally, everything — the Vinturi aerator for spirits like whisky, cognac or tequila. Opens up the liquid to release esters and also helps you measure. $30 on Amazon.

101 World Whiskies To Try Before You Die book + a bottle
The book will guide you to which bottle will best impress your recipient then he/she is on their own. $15 on Amazon.


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