The story of Manchego cheese’s younger brother: Boychego

Manchego 3-months aged
Photo by Smiling Tiger Video and Photo

Once upon a time, there was a young cheese from LaMancha, Spain. Soft, creamy and salty, it cowered under the shadow of his older brother, aged Manchego. At only three months, his mild manner made him feel not as manly as his stronger, firmer Manchego brother. People began calling him Boychego behind his back but after he overheard this new nickname, he liked it — embraced it even. “There’s nothing wrong with being a milder sheep’s milk cheese, ” Boychego declared. “I melt in the mouth and my earthy brininess isn’t as overwhelming as you older guys.”

“I’m young, supple and you’ll always be older than me.” Take that, Manchego.

And so he thrived, being sold at high-end grocery stores and cheese shops throughout America at around $18.99 per pound.

Enjoy 3-month aged fresco Manchego with crisp white wines like Spanish Albarino and medium-bodied, low tannin reds like Tempranillo, Merlot or Malbec.


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