The Wine Century Club: How many grapes have you tried?

lots of bottlesWarning: This is a fantastic way to waste about two hours, so read with caution…

It’s a bit of a puffed up, wine geeky (did I mention time consuming?) exercise but aren’t you curious to see how many different grape varieties you’ve tasted in your life? Once you complete the process, you might find yourself seeking out the most obscure grapes you can… scouring wine lists and wine shops for the weirdest juice ever. One tip: Italy, with over 2,000 grape varieties grown, represents the fountain of limitless opportunities.

There’s even a club to join if you can make it to 100: The Wine Century Club is a website which celebrates diversity. Not the human kind… the vinous kind. It challenges its members (currently at 779 but they haven’t updated the website since May) to try as many different varietal wines as possible (grapes in blends count, by the way). I made it to 152… How about you?


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