Tim Hanni and his passion for wine consumers

1WineDude.com posted a pretty great interview with Master of Wine and consumer advocate Tim Hanni, whom I interviewed back in 2008. Hanni attests that each human brings a different set of taste buds and experiences to the table each night and the “arrogant” wine industry is trying to shove all consumers into one flavor box: dry wines. Some people just aren’t made that way… literally.

Hanni and MD Virginia Utermohlen recently released a borderline controversial (in the wine world, at least) consumer study report called “Beverages, Preferences, Attitudes and Behavoir of ‘Sweet’ vs. ‘Tolerant” Wine Consumers.” (To make sense of this, read this.) Their findings were based on consumer judges at the Lodi Wine Awards.

Read 1WineDude.com’s interview with Hanni and how he thinks this will hopefully change the face of wine.


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