Tre Amici Espresso and Wine Bar reopens in Ybor City

After a three-and-a-half-month closure, Tre Amici Espresso and Wine Bar in Ybor City has re-opened to little fanfare. Perhaps it’s a soft opening since they don’t even have a wine list printed yet — a chalk board touts their offerings. Which is a pretty cool idea, frankly.

During the closure, besides doubling the size of the kitchen so they could add more food items, they replaced the entire management staff, hiring Michael Suggs as a the general manager, formerly at Bernini around the corner on 7th Ave. The wine list consists entirely of selections from one distributor, Southern Wine and Spirits, and isn’t particularly inspired (“yet,” according to Suggs – he’s been slammed getting the place opened). The most exciting wine on  the list right now is Chateau de Sancerre at $9 per glass. Not sure they will attract the wine bar crowd if they don’t expand to other purveyors or lower the prices.  But the atmosphere is chic and cool… more like a coffeehouse that serves wine so far.

The food offerings are mostly sandwiches and nibbles. I tried a meat and cheese platter that anyone could get at Publix. Yawn. They need to work on that one. But check it out – the vibe is good.

Tre Amici Espresso and Wine Bar
1907 19th Street (Ybor City)

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